A Stroll Inspired by Butterflies

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Nothing seems more soothing as I take an afternoon stroll in the woods. With each step I take, I sink into the earth, still moist from last night’s storm. Moss covered trees creak and sway gently from the subtle breeze, almost as if they are pleading for change. The air is fresh and rejuvenating, and the whole forest seems alive and ready for transformation..

Lately, I’ve noticed my thoughts getting lost in nature more and more frequently. It might be the anticipation brought on by the upcoming change of season. Perhaps is just a case of winter “cabin fever”, being stuck in doors on dreary winter days. But more than likely, it’s my heart searching for beauty and happiness in lieu of Valentine’s Day.


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The duality of nature is an astonishing paradox, which continues to inspire and grow, much like love. Beauty in nature seems so simple and basic. No bustling streets, distracting PDA reminders, or artificial noises! (Well, except for my I-Phone’s camera shutter…) Yet when I look closely at the untamed wild, I notice all the impeccable detail. Seemingly meticulous and planned, the intricatedesigns and patterns are almost too perfect to be labeled “ordinary”.


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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, many of us are either wondering what we are going to gift, or receive, from that special someone!

Roberto Bravo designed and released their Monarch Butterfly collection to capture the spirit of wonderment and love for the Valentine season! Simple in design, while intricate in craftsmanship and detail, this collection of handcrafted designer jewelry will capture her heart and symbolize your passionate connection.


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Bold colors complimented by the gorgeous glow of sterling silver, crowned with diamond, ruby, and white sapphire, make this breathtaking collection stand out as unique and truly extraordinary. This Valentine’s Day, return to nature, and give her heart butterflies...


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January 20, 2016 by Lauren P.
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