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Beginning with the motto “Design before all else always and forever”, Roberto Bravo has always created the first and foremost in inspiring jewelry with the greatest enthusiasm. Artfully creating new designs and motifs for over 50 years, Roberto Bravo continues to exceed the limits of fashion. Today, known as a pioneering brand driving the industry with innovative trends and original designs, Roberto Bravo strives to continually set the tone. Roberto Bravo offers daring, innovative, creative designs hailing from extraordinary astonishing collections.

Roberto Bravo Topaz Jewelry USARoberto Bravo Topaz Jewelry USA


With 80,000 jewelry pieces sold annually in 35 countries and having over 130 stores all over the globe, they introduce jewelry enthusiasts to a world of luminous, fascinating, and mysterious gold and sterling silver jewelry.

After unleashing their newest addition: Nine3Five Silver and Accessories, Roberto Bravo sat down with our staff here at Topaz Jewelry USA and talked silver.

“We felt that the sterling silver jewelry  standards as seen by many different companies, just weren’t where they should be. It was important to our designers at Roberto Bravo that they revitalize the idea of silver jewelry and accessories all over the world, and change the jewelry enthusiast’s opinion regarding sterling silver forever. We always strive to create an iconic path through our designer’s extraordinary point of view, apart from what has become seemingly tired.”


Roberto Bravo presents a completely different perception with its new silver accessory brand: Nine3Five. Discover the inspiration.
Roberto Bravo Topaz Jewelry USA Global Warming NecklaceRoberto Bravo Topaz Jewelry USA Hypnose RingRoberto Bravo Topaz Jewelry USA Noah's Ark Night Necklace
November 11, 2015 by Lauren P.
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