Who is Topaz USA?

Topaz Jewelry USA is the exclusive online North American retailer for Nine3Five Silver and Accessories by Roberto Bravo. We strive to provide you with a safe, fast, and fun shopping experience, that provides an excellent sense of satisfaction. We offer complimentary shipping on all purchases, and provide hassle-free returns.

When our team first discovered Roberto Bravo Jewelry in Italy, we were immediately swept off our feet. Never before had we seen such vibrant beauty and careful attention to detail. All the way from the glistening gemstones to the exquisite sterling silver settings, it was clear we had found our perfect match.
Roberto Bravo, based in Italy, has over 130 retail stores worldwide. Providing approximately 80,000 jewelry pieces sold across 35 different countries, Roberto Bravo has been setting global trends with their inspiring jewelry for over half a century.

Topaz Jewelry USA, based in Hershey, Pa, ships these artisanal Italian masterpieces all over North America. Fall head over heels like we did with Nine3Five by Roberto Bravo. Discover your next unique jewelry piece right here at Topaz USA.

Want more info?

Be sure to check out our blog, Cafe Pied De Poule. We release content on a weekly basis, and would love to hear your input! Feel free to visit Topaz Jewelry USA's Facebook Page for new releases and other information.